Serum/Plasma Free DNA Extraction Kit




Takegene® Serum/Plasma Free DNA Extraction Kit provides an easy method for extraction high purity free DNA from fresh or frozen whole blood. The DNA is released quickly and thoroughly by the high performance buffers from samples and binding on the high capacity membrane. The yield and purity of DNA is higher than that of international famous brandsready.

There are four specifications: micro, mini, midi and maxi. The micro kit uses micro spin column, and the minimum of elution volume can be as low as 5 µl, so that samples will be concentrated 10~20 times.





 The protease (powder) should be stored at 4, other reagents should be stored at room temperature.

 The expiration date is 12 months after manufacture.





 Quick and easy operation. All operations are completed at room temperature, and it takes less than 1 h.

 High purity and high yield. OD260/280=1.75~1.85. The length of DNA will be more than 20 kb.

 Eco-friendly. No phenol, chloroform and other high risk reagents are used.


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